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017030 32 inch 22 oz

017030 32 inch 22 oz

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Anderson Supernova Fast Pitch Softball Bat -10 (32-inch-22-oz)

n Supernova Fast Pitch Softball Bat -10 (32-inch-22-oz) : The 2015 And
pernova Fast Pitch Softball Bat
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pernova Fast Pitch Softball Bat -10
n Supernova Fast Pitch Softball Bat -10 (32-inch-22-oz) : The 2015 An
Anderson Supernova Fast Pitch Softball Bat -10 (32-inch-22-oz) : The 2015 Anderson Supernova Fast Pitch Softball Bat is scientifically constructed one-piece design, manufactured with AB9000 Composite for standing up to the punishment a hitter doles out over the course of a season. The Supernova made to give hitters just the right balance of power plus speed with a thin, buggy whip handle for generating more bat speed to catch up with fastballs plus a muscled up barrel for extra pop and distance upon contact. Weve packed as much weight in the sweet spot to create a trampoline effect when you make contact on the bats sweet spot. By muscling up the barrel weve created a larger, juicier sweet spot thats more forgiving. Youll feel the ball immediately jump off the barrel and then rapidly pick up speed as it leaves the infield. The Reduced Moment of Inertia (the effort necessary to swing the bat) allows you to generate break neck bat speed without burning an extra ounce of effort. Its like swinging a bat with the force of a sledgehammer with the effort of a fly swatter producing more powerful hits, massive ball speed and bigger offensive numbers. Never worry about blisters or tired, sore hands with the Supernovas plush padded spiral grip which provides a pillow soft feel with leather tough durability. Dont wait for your bat to break in Supernova comes out of the wrapper white hot and requires just a handful of swings to be primed and ready for teeing off opposing pitchers.
Anderson Softball Bat Anderson Supernova Supernova Fast Fast Pitch Pitch Softball Softball Bat Bat -10 Anderson Supernova Fast Pitch Anderson Supernova Bat -10 Anderson Supernova (32-inch-22-oz)
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This bat is hot right out of the box. I see a bunch of reviews of "its taking a long time to break in". Composite bats are reccommended to be hit a couple hundreds times to maximize them so you could "break" it in with just 1-day, or forever if you dont swing it... My daughter hit a pair of doubles the 2nd day we had it and has kept on. It has never broke.(Edit) - Bat began rattling/buzzing inside. Cap loosened March 2017. Is out of play Helpful