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Louisville Slugger FPLX150 Fastpitch Sofball Bat -10 LXT (32-inch-22-oz)

Slugger FPLX150 Fastpitch Sofball Bat -10 LXT (32-inch-22-oz) : 100% compos
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Louisville Slugger FPLX150 Fastpitch Sofball Bat -10 LXT (32-inch-22-oz) : 100% composite design. TRU3 3-piece bat construction S1iD barrel. technology. Balanced swing weight. 78" standard handle. -10 length to weight ratio. the LXT is one of a select few three-piece fastpitch softball bats available. This unique design strengthens the connection between the handle and barrel of the softball bat, and helps to redirect power back to the sweet spot all the while decreasing undesirable vibration.
Louisville Slugger Slugger FPLX150 FPLX150 Fastpitch Fastpitch Sofball Sofball Bat Bat -10 Louisville Slugger FPLX150 Fastpitch Louisville Slugger Bat -10 Louisville Slugger LXT (32-inch-22-oz)
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My daughter is a hard hitter and was using a Dimarini bat. After swinging the LXT at her batting coaches facility, there was no doubt in my mind i was buying another bat. Her first tourney with it was impressive, going 6 for 7 with a blister single, 4 doubles and a bases loaded smash (should of been her first grand slam, but she was thrown out at the plate) but still a impressive day. The ball jumps off of the bat and is almost scary. Do i recommend it, Damn right I do. Thanks LXT

My daughter loves this bat. The ball "pops" off this bat with little to no vibration. She said that it is the best bat she has ever used.

Awesome bat! In my daughters 2nd at bat out of the wrapper, she hit a stand up triple. Her CF7 stayed in her bag the rest of the day. The ball comes off this bat soo much harder, the LXT is the real deal!

love it, one broke 2 months later they sent 2016 model, but one inch smaller, just got 2 2015 model. One using 2016 and the other 2015. Great bats. Great pop.

Awesome bat! No sting, and the performance boost is noticeable. A number of girls on my daughter's team started borrowing her bat, and also saw a boost to their performance.

Great bat!

The bat arrived quicker than expected, brand new, in wrapper. Very pleased with the bat and the results when using it.

Great company to work with, I made a mistake and ordered the wrong bat. They graciously exchanged it for me with no problem. They communicated well and were quick to respond. I will definitely use them again. As far as the bat goes, my grand daughter knocked one over the fence in the first game she used it and says that it's much better than an earlier version. She also states that there is less sting in her hands when striking the ball So, everybody is happy!

Awesome bat! My daughter loves the feel of bat to ball contact. It is a hot bat right out of the box! This is her primary bat. She has used others by other manufacturers, but this is her favorite.