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Mizuno Premier GPM1304 Slowpitch Softball Glove 13 in Right Hand Throw

pecifically for softball. Full Grain Leather Shell: Great durability. M
pecifically for softball. Full Grain
Patterns designed specifically for softball. Full Grain Leather Shell: Great durability. Mesh Inserts: Reduces the weight of the glove. Polyurethane PowerLock: The simplest and most secure fit available with PU pull tab. ButterSoft Lining: PU palm lining for increased durability, feel and comfort. Parashock Palm Pad: Absorbs the shock of repeated use providing outstanding protection and ideal comfort. Size: 13.00" Tartan U Web Position: Utility
Mizuno Softball Glove Mizuno Premier Premier GPM1304 GPM1304 Slowpitch Slowpitch Softball Softball Glove Glove 13 Mizuno Premier GPM1304 Slowpitch Mizuno Premier Glove 13 Mizuno Premier in Right
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I bought an Easton, Rawlings, and this Mizuno glove. This is my favorite. Let my teenage daughter and son pick which glove they wanted and which they would give to their cousin for a birthday give. The Mizuno went first, then the Easton, and the cousin is now playing with the Rawlings. Don't get me wrong, all were good gloves, but this was my favorite. It was soft and workable right out of the amazon box. Had a great fit and seemed well made. Hope to see my son play with this for a few decades.

Needed a adult-sized softball glove- very happy with my choice. It's a comfortable, soft leather so break-in was very quick. The pinky pad was a little tight at first but after loosening it up it's fine. I highly recommend this glove. If you're not looking to spend a lot but want the most quality for your dollars.

Love the glove. Overall great softness when it arrived. Still needed a bit of breaking in. The pinky portion annoys me but my hands are super small, like 10 year old small so that is common in all the gloves I try.

Glove was not game ready like some claims. Was really stiff compared to another I had just bought to campair it to. Definitely would take some time and oil/conditioner to break it in. Glove was pretty tight on my hand, wear an XL batting glove, and felt uncomfortable. Ended up returning it and keeping Mizuno I got from Big 5 that was cheaper and felt a whole lot better.

I needed a new mitt with better hand protection because of a finger injury. I have small hands and found the glove comfortable. Great mitt. I'm not sure why I saw so many negative ratings for it.

The glove came broke in pretty well and I was able to play with it right away. Other than just getting used to the glove itself, it was game ready and just got better throughout the season.

Seems like it could be a good glove,

Smaller than expected, no qualms with quality

Once broken in and shaped could not be happier. I used it for the entire season and ready for the next season. Nice pocket for softball no one drop yet

Excellent quality and arrived quickly