Rawlings Heart of Hide PRO303 6JBT Baseball Glove 13 Right Hand Throw



Rawlings Heart of Hide PRO303-6JBT Baseball Glove 13 Right Hand Throw
MSRP $355.50. Heart of Hide leather. Wool blend padding. Thermoformed BOA, GD synthetic BOA. Deertouch padded thumb loops. Soft leather finger back lining. Deertanned cowhide plus palm lining. TT lacing. Rolled leather welting. New Stamping. Pro player game day. $224.95

Rawlings Baseball Glove Rawlings Heart Heart of of Hide Hide PRO303-6JBT PRO303-6JBT Baseball Baseball Glove Rawlings Heart of Hide Rawlings Heart Baseball Glove Rawlings Heart 13 Right
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