error Rawlings-Heart-of-Hide-PRO204-2OT-Baseball-Glove-11.5-Right-Hand-Throw Rawlings Heart of Hide PRO204 2OT Baseball Glove 11.5 Right Hand Throw

Rawlings Heart of Hide PRO204 2OT Baseball Glove 11.5 Right Hand Throw



Rawlings Heart of Hide PRO204-2OT Baseball Glove 11.5 Right Hand Throw
Color Sync, Color Sync, Color Sync. Remember the name, because the 2.0 series will take diamonds across the nation by storm with its combination of the rich, traditional history behind Rawlings' Heart of the Hide gloves and a little personalization through unique, vibrant colors. In baseball, the world-renowned name "Heart of the Hide" says it all, because the leather that is used for each glove is cut from the top 5% of the center on steer hides Rawlings has available. Laced together by the Tennesse Tanned rawhide leather laces, each pattern delivers greatness, unmatched durability, and strength. Not only will you be getting one of the most dependable and reliable baseball gloves in the game, but the padded palm, padded thumb loops, and soft full-grain finger back linings provide top-notch comfort and extra protection during impact on defense. Each model will also offer up to a 40% factory break-in so that the player break-in period is not near as time-consuming as other elite designs. Top Rawlings Advisory Staff players make sure to give their input on each Heart of the Hide design so that it guarantees pro level patterns with big league quality and performance. Worn by a number of Gold Glove Award winners, the Heart of the Hide baseball glove has been the cornerstone of those deemed "The Finest in the Field" and are now available to elite ball players looking to improve and refine their defensive greatness. Rawlings: The Mark of a Pro! This Rawlings Heart of the Hide Color Sync 2.0 Baseball Glove (PRO204-20T) features a popular 11.50-inch size, a single post web, and a conventional open back for a traditional, classic-style look. The color sync on this model is an orange tan with black accents. Due to the size and the web, this glove is recommended primarily for elite infielders.   Age: Adult