Nokona Walnut W N70 First Base Glove 13 inch Right Hand Throw



Nokona Walnut W-N70 First Base Glove 13 inch Right Hand Throw

he Nokona Walnut W-N70 12.5 inch First Base Glove is inspired by Nokona’s history of excellence and handcrafting gloves in America for 80 years. If you have been making gloves for 80 plus years, then you know how to make a reliable piece of leather. This is what you get from the Nokona brand. They provide players with classic gloves that they can rely on game in and game out, and season in and season out. When you purchase a first baseman’s glove, it simply must be an excellent piece of leather. This is what you get with the Nokona Walnut W-N70 13 inch First Base Glove. So, just know when you buy from Nokona, it is going to be extremely high quality.

The reason that this glove is so great is because of the leather Nokona uses to make it. They use Walnut Crunch leather which is a signature of Nokona. This leather gives players excellent stability, and durability which is great to have at first base. First basemen need to be calm, cool, and collect in order to catch everything. So, what would help you be calm, cool, and collect at first base A stable glove will be able to keep you calm in order to be your best at first best. This series of glove is updated in order to highlight the glove’s modern features, but it also keeps to the Nokona’s roots. This is the great because it pays tribute to their baseball and softball heritage. $289.95

Nokona Walnut Walnut W-N70 W-N70 First First Base Base Glove Glove 13 Nokona Walnut W-N70 First Nokona Walnut Glove 13 Nokona Walnut inch Right
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