Nokona Walnut 13 inch Softball Glove W V1300C Right Hand Throw



Nokona Walnut 13 inch Softball Glove W-V1300C Right Hand Throw
Inspired by Nokona's history of hancrafting ball gloves in America for over 80 years, the proprietary Walnut Crunch leather is a signature of Nokona. This glove provides great stability durability and game ready feel. This classic series has been updated with a new look that highlights the gloves modern features while paying tribute to Nokonas long standing baseball and softball heritage. $299.95

Nokona Softball Glove Nokona Walnut Walnut 13 13 inch inch Softball Softball Glove Glove W-V1300C Nokona Walnut 13 inch Nokona Walnut Glove W-V1300C Nokona Walnut Right Hand
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