Louisville Slugger C243 Pro Stock Ash Wood Baseball Bat Black Natural 32 inch



Louisville Slugger C243 Pro Stock Ash Wood Baseball Bat Black Natural 32 inch
Pro Stock Northern White Ash C243 Extra large barrel turning model features a balanced swing weight for greater bat speed and is the same turning model of NL MVP Buster Posey Cupped end provides a lighter more balance swing weight for greater bat speed Black handle and natural barrel finish 15/16" handle available in 32", 33" and 34" For over 125 years, weve dominated the batters box in Major League Baseball. Still to this day, more teams and players -from rising stars to All-Stars -swing Slugger than any other brand. What do they know that other players don't. No other bat combines heritage, expertise and passion for the game like Louisville Slugger. We use superior lumber and superior craftsmanship to create a better, harder and longer-lasting bat. don't. Make the mistake of thinking all wood bats are the same. They may look similar, but the quality of wood is very different from one wood bat company to another. Louisville Slugger sets itself apart from other bat makers with over 125 years of bat making experience, outstanding turning models and the ability to offer the best quality wood on the market. This quality comes at a price. Louisville Slugger bats can be more expensive than other bats because we use only the very best timber to make our bats. With wood bats, you get what you pay for. Cheaply priced wood bats usually mean cheap-quality wood. The C243 turning model is very popular for Louisville Slugger due to its extra large barrel that provides a player with one of the biggest sweet spots for a wood bat. The C243 has a beautiful two tone popular finish in a black handle and natural barrel. The C243 is also used by NL MVP Buster Posey, a player who has grown up swinging the best bats in baseball, Louisville Slugger. The cupped end makes the bat even more balanced for quicker bat speed. $49.95

Louisville Baseball Bat Louisville Slugger Slugger C243 C243 Pro Pro Stock Stock Ash Ash Wood Louisville Slugger C243 Pro Louisville Slugger Ash Wood Louisville Slugger Baseball Bat
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