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All Star CM3100BT 34



All-Star CM3100BT 34" Baseball Catchers Mitt
AllStar Pro Catchers Mitt (Cataloged at 35" looks like 34"). This high performance line is designed for fast break-in time and hard play. The CM3100 Series features Japanese tannes US steer hide and heavey duty rawhide laces. The popular blacktan leather combination gives these mitts proper support and extended life. These mitts have extended pockets, adjustable Velcro openings, and even an attached wrist protector. $199.95

All-Star CM3100BT CM3100BT 34" 34" Baseball Baseball Catchers Catchers Mitt Mitt All-Star CM3100BT 34" Baseball All-Star CM3100BT Mitt All-Star CM3100BT
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