Nokona WB 1275M inch inch

Nokona WB 1275M inch inch

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WB-1275M-Right Handed Throw

Nokona WB-1275M Walnut Baseball Glove 12.75 inch Right Handed Throw
Made in USA    Nokona classic walnut leather baseball glove with modified trap web and open back. The Nokona WB-1275M Classic Walnut Baseball Glove Features 12.75 Inch Nokona Baseball Glove Pattern. 100 Percent Top of the Line Walnut Leather. Web: Modified Trap Web With Open Back. Glove Position Outfield. 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty. Nokona has built its reputation on legendary Walnut Crunch Leather.  Soft and supple, yet sturdy and pliable, this baseball glove from Nokona is immediately ready for play.  Nokona Athletics has been designing and producing high quality hand made Nokona baseball gloves in Nocona, Texas since 1934.  When you choose a Nokona glove, you are choosing perfection and pride... Nokona Baseball and Softball Gloves are quite simply the finest gloves on the market. $319.95

Nokona Baseball Glove Nokona WB-1275M WB-1275M Walnut Walnut Baseball Baseball Glove Glove 12.75 12.75 inch Nokona WB-1275M Walnut Baseball Nokona WB-1275M 12.75 inch Nokona WB-1275M Right Handed

G-1275M-Right Hand Throw

Nokona Generation G-1275M Baseball Glove 12.75 inch (Right Hand Throw)
Nokona Generaton Series 12.75 inch Outfield Baseball Glove. Modified Trap Web. Generation Steerhide has a traditional saddle tannage – a throwback leather with a rich color, and a natural, supple feel. Generation Steerhide has a medium weight, and creates good structure and fit. 12.75 inch outfield pattern. Modified Trap Web And Open Back. Generation Leather Scheme Steerhide. Genuine Shearling Cuff. Weight 650g. Handmade in the USA. One year warranty. G1275M. Inspired by Nokona’s heritage of handcrafting ball gloves in America for the past 80 years, the Generation series has a beautiful, classic look, and is a high performance glove. Made with Nokona’s proprietary Generation Steerhide leather, this glove is a showpiece on and off the field, and represents baseball gear at its finest. The Generation series takes you back to your roots, and harkens back to Nokona’s roots as a company, with the introduction of their original G Series in 1934. Inspired by this classic series, the Generation is a glove to be enjoyed for generations, as its look and fit will be enhanced as you use it and make it your own. For any player who loves the game, the Generation series has a comfortable, supple feel and is easy to break in. $199.00

Nokona Baseball Glove Nokona Generation Generation G-1275M G-1275M Baseball Baseball Glove Glove 12.75 12.75 inch Nokona Generation G-1275M Baseball Nokona Generation 12.75 inch Nokona Generation (Right Hand